The Chestnut Group

More than ever, people want resources and professional guidance to help them make a powerful impact in their lives and work. The Chestnut Group applies the Enneagram model of transformation in their efforts to support diverse leaders, teams, and individuals in applying strengths, stretching into new possibilities, and engaging others in the pursuit of common goals. Whether you desire to lead and make a difference in your organization, community or your own life, we can help you bring more of who you are to what matters to you most.

Beatrice & The Enneagram

One of the most authoritative voices and thought leaders in the modern Enneagram movement, Beatrice Chestnut has been studying and working with the enneagram for 27 years, since she learned about the system from pioneering Enneagram expert, David Daniels, MD.

A licensed psychotherapist, a coach, and a business consultant, she has a Phd in communication and an MA in clinical psychology. She did her early Enneagram training with Daniels and Enneagram author Helen Palmer, receiving her teacher certification through their Enneagram Professional Training Program in 1997. She has taken several of organization development consultant Ginger Lapid-Bogda’s Enneagram in Business trainings, and has participated in Claudio Naranjo’s SAT retreats and subtype trainings.

She became active in the international Enneagram community through attending annual conferences regularly in 2002. She served on the board of directors of the International Enneagram Association (IEA) for 6 years and was president of the IEA in 2006 and 2007. She was founding co-editor of the IEA’s now defunct Enneagram Journal in 2008 with Jerry Wagner and David Burke.

A life-long learner herself, Chestnut has taught on the collegiate level at Northwestern University and San Francisco’s California Institute of Integral Studies. She was trained in group facilitation at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and has worked for many years as a facilitator of human sensitivity training groups associated with the GSB’s legendary “Interpersonal Dynamics” course, also known affectionately as “Touch Feely.”

Beatrice is the author of two books, The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Awareness, and The 9 Types of Leadership: Mastering the Art of People in the 21st-Century Workplace. She also compiled the popular booklet, The 27 Enneagram System’s 27 Personality Subtypes, a short summary of Claudio Naranjo’s seminal subtype teachings, which she is expanding into a larger Enneagram Subtypes handbook to be published in 2018.

Over the last eight years, the center of gravity of Chestnut’s work has shifted from depth psychotherapy to executive coaching, leadership development, and team coaching. She has worked with companies representing a wide array of industries, include biotech, hi-tech, marketing, consulting, finance, and health care.

She also teaches workshops on the Enneagram internationally, focusing on using it as a tool for personal and professional transformation. She has presented her work around the world in places like South Korea, South Africa, Argentina, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Canada and all across the United States.

More than anything, she is committed to “walking the talk” in her Enneagram work—using the Enneagram as a tool in her own ongoing, life-long inner work. Beatrice is passionate about supporting people in doing the work of creating more fulfilling relationships, work, and life experiences. She views the Enneagram as an important vehicle for the larger, all-important goal of raising global consciousness so we can, collectively, create a more positive, sustainable, and self-aware world community.


Uranio Paes, MM

Uranio Paes is internationally recognized as a leading Enneagram facilitator, coach, and organization development consultant. He has worked in corporate settings for over two decades and now specializes in doing transformational work with groups and individuals based in the Enneagram.

A former President of the International Enneagram Association, for many years Uranio taught the Enneagram 
Worldwide Narrative Tradition Professional Training
 (EPTP) Program in Brazil, Spain, and Portugal. He is founder and CEO of Mundo Eneagrama, a global Enneagram learning community that offers a large variety of high-quality Enneagram content online as well as live workshops offered internationally by him and his team of Enneagram faculty around the world.

Jeanette Maggio

Jeanette Maggio is a coach, consultant, and experiential workshop facilitator who has been helping organizations, leaders and teams for over 25 years. Her background includes senior executive positions in HR, Organizational Development, Change Leadership and Team and Leadership Development. She has over 25 years of executive experience, including a combined 7 years working and living overseas. Jeanette has built leadership, team and organizational capability in over 20 countries in the biotech, pharmaceuticals, health care, retail and service industries.

She is passionate about developing leaders and teams who can lead with authenticity, use power wisely, and consciously create organizational cultures that are high performing, progressive, and compassionate. She offers a wide spectrum of services from executive and organizational development, experiential workshops, off-site facilitation and executive and team coaching. She has worked with a diverse set of clients from large Fortune 100 companies to small startups.

Jeanette is certified in the following programs: The Enneagram, through The Enneagram in Business and Integrated Enneagram Solutions Coaching; Kegan/Lahey's Immunity to Change Coach, New Ventures West Coaching Program, NeuroLeadership Institute Foundations of NeuroLeadership and Trainer for SCARF, Basis, Insight, and Gallup's Strengths-Based Leadership Program

Jennifer Joss, PhD

Jennifer first learned about the Enneagram in a course at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University over 30 years ago. She has been captivated by this system of development ever since, applying it in her work as an executive coach and consultant to help individuals and teams quickly personalize their learning, understand and work better together, and map powerful growth and development paths.

Most of Jennifer’s work hinges on helping leaders use How you ARE to improve performance in What you DO. These skills enable influential leadership, change management, sales success, working cross-functionally, and generally thriving in a relationship-based working world. Jennifer has worked with leaders in for-profit and non-profit settings, in fields ranging from technology, retail, and hospitality to healthcare, government, and academia.

Dr. Joss excels at designing large-group leadership development programs that embed skills for self-coaching so participants can apply these to future challenges, opportunities, and career growth. The practice-based format of her work enables participants to learn how-to-learn on a daily basis and improve performance while doing development work. Dr. Joss taught in the business school at Southern Oregon University for ten years and has guest lectured and worked as a facilitator in classes at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. She holds a Ph.D in psychology from Stanford and graduated magna cum laude in psychology from Harvard University.

Felicia J. Lee, PhD

Felicia J. Lee, PhD is the founder and President of Campana Leadership Group, Inc., a consultancy supporting corporations, universities, and non-profit organizations to respond with clarity, courage, and compassion. She specializes in executive coaching and team leadership development, integrating diversity in her work as a necessary competency to be effective in an increasingly global workforce. With more than 24 years of demonstrated success in facilitating learning pathways for individuals and groups, Dr. Lee frequently draws on her management experience as a former Vice President and Dean responsible for complex staffing, budget, and program strategies at premier academic institutions.

Committed to the transformative power of the Enneagram, her knowledge is informed by intensive studies through Beatrice Chestnut’s 27 Subtypes Workshops, The Enneagram in Business Train-the-Trainer Certification, and Integrative Enneagram Solutions Accreditation Training. In 2017, Felicia will complete her certification in the Enneagram Professional Training Program from the pioneering Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition organization founded by Helen Palmer and David Daniels.

She is an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified executive coach and serves as an adjunct faculty member for New Ventures West, a pioneering coaching program committed to human development. She is an ITC (Immunity to Change) facilitator and has completed training with the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Dispute Resolution Center Mediation Program. Informed by her training in Conversational Leadership with David Whyte, an internationally renowned organizational development consultant and poet, her unique invitation for leaders to step into courageous conversations for themselves and with others results in transformative change.

She received her PhD from the University of Southern California, holds master’s degrees from Stanford University and Colorado State University, and doubled majored in Psychology and Sociology from the University of California, Irvine. She has been a long time volunteer at the San Francisco Women’s Community Clinic and is passionate about access to health care and education for underserved populations.

Jane Tight

Jane Tight is an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant and certified Enneagram teacher who guides clients in personal and professional growth. She works with individuals and groups in private and corporate venues to help them lead lives and careers that are fulfilling, balanced, productive and satisfying. Her client mix is diverse including: CEOs, founder partnerships, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, designers and first-time managers.

Jane’s original training was as a Speech and Language Pathologist working with pediatric, adult, and geriatric populations. She started a full-service clinic which she ran for nineteen years including opening a second practice in Brussels, Belgium for several years. A particular focus of her practice in Silicon Valley was helping foreign executives improve their communication styles, particularly when hampered by heavy accents. Jane expanded her activities by facilitating women’s groups around topics of balancing work and home and increasing the quality of life with family and friends. As director of this organization, she trained leaders and ran workshops throughout Northern California, and then in Europe when she moved there with her family.

Jane became a certified Executive and Life Coach in 1998 through the Coaches Training Institute and a certified Enneagram teacher with Palmers and Daniels in 2002. In 2005 she certified as an Organization and Relationship Systems Coach. Her philosophy is that her clients are already experts on their lives and what they are looking for is focus, change, clarification, direction and often accountability in moving forward toward creating the kind of life they really want to live. As she works with clients, they become clearer about who they are and what they really want. Life becomes easier, more fulfilling and enjoyable! Jane is a frequent public speaker and has facilitated conferences at Stanford University, YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization), the Junior League, and numerous civic and corporate organizations.

Jane has a Master of Science degree in Communication Disorders/Language Pathology from University of Redlands. She is married (37 years) with four adult sons. Her passions include tennis, skiing, backpacking, foreign travel and great books. She has lived in Europe on three occasions.

Other relevant training includes Radical Collaboration, Organizational Diagnosis, Enneagram and Leadership, Enneagram and Organizational Development, and thousands and thousands of hours coaching!

Dave Warner, MA

David Warner, MA is an Organization Development (OD) consultant, leadership coach and educator specializing in whole-system approaches to organizational change. He is the Director of the OD Master’s Program at Sonoma State University, and teaches courses like Human Systems Redesign, Facilitation and Training, and Team Development. Dave enjoys mentoring graduate students and supervising their professional practice.

Dave consults nationally to organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors to help leaders and groups work more effectively. A fun and dynamic speaker, he is a frequent presenter at conferences.

Dave has a passion for training. His knowledge of work systems and corporate culture, together with his ability to assess organizational needs, allows him to design relevant, engaging training that people are excited to implement.

Both a qualified administrator of the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®) and a certified trainer in The Enneagram in Business, Dave is an expert in personality typing systems and believes in the value of the common language they bring to teams and businesses.

Dave enjoys hiking, music, photography and Giants baseball. He lives in Santa Rosa, California with his wife Jennifer, his daughter Laura, and their three cats.

Jessica Sisto

As an executive coach, Jessica partners with leaders who want to dial up their effectiveness for a greater impact on their teams and organizations. Together with her clients, she focuses on finding new insights, setting direction and creating accountability for growth. Jessica is adept at uncovering outside inhibitors that can impact a leader’s success.

Across all her work, she is driven, deeply creative and clearly defines her approach. While her background covers a broad range of people-focused disciplines, her passions lie with fostering relationships and providing clarity, to help teams and individuals feel more productive and engaged in their work.

Throughout her 15+ year career in leadership and organizational development, Jessica has worked closely with VP and C-suite leaders in a coaching and advisory role on a wide variety of strategic initiatives, including defining vision, driving culture change, and boosting employee engagement. From envisioning a new customer experience, to building vibrant employee communities, to clarifying roles and responsibilities – the common thread across her background centers on aligning individual/team motivations with leadership priorities.

In her current work, Jessica’s focus centers on developing leadership presence and fostering team alignment. She is frequently sought after to facilitate leadership offsites focused on vision, strategy and team effectiveness, which showcase her insight and ability to guide critical conversations to success. Her recent organizational development work has included designing development progams for high-potential leaders, facilitating a recognition and engagement task force, and leading workshops for women executives.

Helen English, MA

Helen is an executive coach and change consultant with an exceptional depth of experience whose entire career has centred on people and systemic change. Her professional path spans early roles in L&D and HRD through to Management Consulting, Organisational Development and a thriving Coaching practice. The golden thread has been a focus on people and change in organisations, across a wide variety of industry sectors and settings, with managers, leadership teams and CEOs. She draws on a depth and breadth of life and corporate experience that inspires trust, offers insight and enables genuine transformation.

Helen graduated from Cambridge with a Masters in English and a passionate interest in language, narratives, motivation and communication. All proved fundamental to her success in consulting and coaching roles. Initially in Graduate Recruitment, she gained HR qualifications (University of Bournemouth) and moved into Learning & Development, including national ‘Investors in People’ and Lifelong Learning Initiatives. After honing change expertise with a skills-based Masters degree Helen made a smooth transition into Management Consulting. Here, over 10+ years, she has successfully delivered national and global change initiatives using high-level development, consulting and coaching skills to great effect.

Helen is a Palmer/Daniels Certified Enneagram Professional with 15+ years experience of applying the Enneagram to leverage team and individual transformation. She is a lifelong student of professional, personal and spiritual development including her own Tai Chi practice and training in somatic and energy-based methods.

Linda Pino

Linda Pino, J.D. is a graduate of Stanford University School of Law and was a practicing attorney before turning more fully to personal transformation work. She is now a corporate mindfulness consultant, teacher, and program developer for companies interested in bringing meditation, yoga and wellness into the workplace. She is a certified Enneagram teacher, consultant and graduate of the Palmer/Daniels Enneagram Professional Training Program, specializing in working with individuals interested in using the Enneagram to support growth, self-awareness, life enhancement and relationship challenges. Linda uses the Enneagram to support professionals and teams to enhance their emotional intelligence and raise the level of awareness of their company’s leaders.