November 18th, 2020

Book List: Own the Shadow of Your Enneagram Personality Type

This week, my course with The Shift Network, Own the Shadow of Your Enneagram Personality Type comes to an end after seven weeks. We had a wonderful audience who brought thought-provoking questions and great discussions. Many students have requested my reading list on the Enneagram shadows. While not always the easiest reads, here is a curated list… Read more »

June 3rd, 2020

A Call to Action for all who Aspire to Higher Consciousness: You Need to Feel the Pain

By Beatrice Chestnut   It’s a time of upheaval on multiple fronts. It’s as if the thin veneer of falseness that has been covering over the truth of the worst of us for some time now is being stripped away. It’s been called a post-truth world as our leaders routinely throw facts into question. But… Read more »

April 5th, 2020

The Global Covid-19 Crisis Through an Enneagram Lens

Turning a Time of Challenge into an Opportunity for Awakening Potential Lessons for the Enneagram types and subtypes By Beatrice Chestnut, drawing on work created in collaboration with Uranio Paes I offer these thoughts on the potential meaning of the global pandemic from a larger perspective, and an Enneagram perspective, with the hope of supporting… Read more »