Leadership Training and Business Development

In working with people in business settings, I help develop individuals, teams, and organizations so that they can achieve their maximum level of growth, engagement, and effectiveness. Building in ways for people to grow and expand within the organization leads to healthier people, more cohesive teams, and a positive culture within the organization, which all make for a more rewarding work experience and a more successful enterprise.

Organizations rely on people to make things happen. And an abundance of research now shows that an individual’s emotional intelligence (EQ) is the key to workplace success. I offer a variety of trainings and interventions designed to support people at all levels of the organization increase their EQ, so they can more readily find creative ways to maximize their strengths and meet interpersonal challenges. I specialize in using the Enneagram system of personality types to enhance the self-awareness and emotional intelligence of both leaders and employees.

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Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

Individual one-on-one coaching: Working collaboratively with an experienced coach provides a unique opportunity for leaders to increase self-awareness, build on strengths, and identify and address patterns of behavior that may create obstacles to growth and success.

The coaching process helps individuals recognize and remove barriers that block one’s ability to be an effective leader – and helps leaders enhance their ability to lead others from a place of integrity, honesty, and a deep ground of self-knowledge.

One-on-one meetings focus on past experiences in leadership positions, present considerations, and how to achieve specific future goals. Ultimately, the intention of this work is to bring awareness, purposefulness, and meaning to the lives of individuals.

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Employee Development

Individual One-on-One Coaching

Just as leaders can benefit from one-on-one coaching, individual employees may also benefit from the opportunity to work with a coach. Through this collaborative relationship, employees may identify strengths and challenges, and through gaining more awareness of ingrained patterns, find creative ways to achieve a greater level of effectiveness and increased job satisfaction.

Employee Development Group Coaching Process

This unique employee development process involves four parts: 1.) an initial training designed to introduce the idea of emotional intelligence and initiate the process of enhancing self-awareness, 2.) group meetings where people identify, share, and focus on one or two things they have identified in themselves that they would like to change or improve and then provide progress reports, 3.) meetings with an individual coach, 4.) meetings with peers within the group in dyads to provide feedback and further chart progress.

Through this self-directed, structured approach, employees gain the insights, support, and motivation to more actively assess their own strengths and challenges, identify patterns that may represent barriers to growth, and work on shifting to new, more effective behaviors when appropriate.

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Team Assessment and Development

Team Assessment

If you have the sense that your team is not functioning as well as it could, a Team Assessment might be a cost-effective and relatively quick way to get a reading on how it is doing and ways it might perform at an higher level. Cohesion within a team depends on many things, including, the work habits of the individuals on the team, team members’ willingness to communicate honestly and work through disagreements efficiently, and relational dynamics within the team. I meet with team members individual and as a group and provide an assessment of how your team is interacting and ideas about how it might enhance its functioning.

Team Coaching

Teams can be high-performing assets to an organization, but a dysfunctional team can represent a major barrier to the forward momentum of your business. Training in self-awareness and emotional intelligence followed by real-time coaching support for teams allow them to enhance their ability to work through conflicts, manage work more effectively, and increase job satisfaction.

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