October 1, 2021 - October 5, 2021

Developing Powerful Enneagram Skills

Online Event

Learn to speak your clients’ Enneagram language.

This course provides a deep grounding in the Enneagram as an extraordinarily effective and inspiring client resource. It will equip you to make well-informed, skillful use of the Enneagram in your professional work with clients. 

This workshop will enable you to

  • Attune swiftly and deftly to the heart of what’s needed
  • Take into account a client’s center of intelligence, core type, subtype, and instinct sequence when evaluating client issues and tailoring approaches
  • Offer client interventions that are more powerful and potent
  • Design client programs more fully connected to individuals core motivation and deepest needs
  • Define purpose and outcome statements aligned and shaped by clients’ greatest gifts and highest potential
  • Create client practices and programs more clearly fitted to what’s possible, achievable and most impactful
  • Optimize the contact time you have with clients
  • Learn to apply the latest and most complete information about the specific patterns associated with the 27 subtypes and the 3 instincts

Price: $1075 until May 15, $1250 after May 15.


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