May 9, 2018 - May 11, 2018

Enneagram Pathways: Instincts and Subtypes

London, United Kingdom

In the dark about Instincts? Most of us are. But their impact on daily life is huge. And they produce Subtypes, an essential element informing Enneagram-related practice.

Join us to learn more. Leave with more energy and space for life.


This 3-day workshop supports you in deepening your experience of the Enneagram of Personality. It’s a chance to work with others to learn about and apply exciting, cutting-edge aspects of the Enneagram teachings.

The specific operation of our instincts and subtype behaviours brings a whole new dimension to our Enneagram understanding.

If you are ready for a significant next step in your Enneagram journey, this workshop is a move worth making, whether your focus is primarily personal, spiritual, or professional.

The workshop is a wonderful opportunity to:

  • Understand the Enneagram’s fine types with new clarity, while appreciating a more complex, colourful, and fuller picture.
  • Really get to know the 3 instinctual drives from a ‘felt sense’ place, so you can develop a deeper appreciation of their huge impact on every aspect of daily life.
  • See how 27 subtypes arise, when your dominant instinctual drive combines with your unconscious emotional habits to such that you recognize with greater clarity what motivates your most unconscious behavior.
  • Recognize new distinctions in how the different (subtype) versions of each of the nine types express themselves, according to which instinctual drive is “dominant” and which “repressed” within your “instinctual sequence.”
  • Build skill and practice in self-care as you start to notice instinctual drives in play, for yourself and the others around you.
  • Enjoy exploring in a relaxed and friendly small-group setting, with the support of like-minded people sharing life experience with humour, compassion and care.


More Information on Workshop Content and Approach

In all of us, our personality acts as a kind of self-limiting default position. A starting point for life that both contains and constrains the unique gifts and strengths we each bring. This can hold us back from our own liberation and our progress along the path to realizing our higher potential – from becoming our best selves – in all walks of life.

Our instinctual drives are buried deep in the subconscious, driving the way our automatic patterns and scripts play out. Our instinctual reactions, also described as animal drives, act as the fastest, most potent, yet least conscious impulses. Together with our emotional passions, they shape the ego driven habits of our subtype. This provides us with more specific and nuanced information with which to observe and work against our most automatic patterns. Because our instinctual drives and emotional passions can be almost entirely out of sight, this work can be very difficult to do alone.

We will learn together – from theory, interactive work and from shared life stories – about how incredibly influential our instincts are. We’ll explore the concept of a “dominant” and “repressed” instinctual drives within us and learn about how the “instinctual sequence” shapes the way we operate in the world. Together we’ll see how the ‘passion’ or key emotional drive of each type combines with the dominant (and repressed) instinctual drive… and explore what happens as a result. We’ll practise and develop our ability to self-observe, with both intention and self-compassion–to “catch ourselves in the act,” when reacting impulsively. We will map the distinct expressions of all 27 subtype personalities across the Enneagram. And we’ll work at a pace that supports you, according to what you most need and hope for in your life right now.

People who’ve joined us so far have said:

“ Thank you! This workshop has taken my Enneagram work to a whole new level! It’s changed the way I see myself and work with my clients.”

“My Enneagram map is now much clearer. So many mis-understandings and ‘look-alike’ confusion has just fallen way.”

We know this work can help you discover a fuller expression of who you really are and the unique qualities you bring to life. Great for you, those around you, and for your clients too. We hope you’ll join us to find out for yourself.


DATES: 9-11 May 2018

TIMES: Wednesday, May 9: 9:30–17:00, Thursday, May 10: 9:00-18:00, Friday, May 11: 9:00–17:00


LOCATION: The Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, Central London, UK. Spacious, light-filled venue overlooking Hyde Park. Easy access to London airports by road, mainline train and London Underground. Nearest tube ‘Lancaster Gate’ on the Central Line.   Venue website:


Lots of accommodation just minutes from the door, to suit your budget and quality preferences. Please use (or similar search) to make your choice. While The Columbia has superb meeting spaces, people often choose to stay close-by rather than on site.

COST: £545.00 (VAT not applicable)

Included: All tuition, materials, group and individual support. Hot & cold drinks. Not included: accommodation and meals.

We are offering a limited number of reduced price places to committed individuals otherwise unable to attend.