September 22, 2017 - September 24, 2017

IEA European Enneagram Conference

Helsinki, Finland

I’m very excited to be presenting at the IEA Europe conference this year in Helsinki!


Here is a description of my presentation. Come get a taste of the annual 4-day workshop I do in Florence, Italy (Dante’s hometown), “The Enneagram Path of Transformation in Light of Dante’s Divine Comedy: From Fixation to Freedom in Florence!”  I hope you will join us in this lovely city!


The Enneagram Path of Transformation in Light of Dante’s Divine Comedy

By studying Dante’s great epic poem, The Divine Comedy, we can gain a great deal of insight into the path of personal growth encoded in the Enneagram symbol. Just as Homer’s Odyssey describes the same themes associated with the Enneagram’s nine personality archetypes in order in the portrayal of the nine places Odysseus visits on his epic journey of homecoming, Dante’s The Divine Comedy also provides an allegorical story of the same “sins” or passions that must be reckoned with on the way home to the true self.


Both in terms of the larger message of waking up out of the “dark wood” of unconsciousness to work toward higher consciousness and the actual process of working with the human passions and integrating the human shadow, Dante’s great work masterfully reveals the same message of how to travel the path from bondage to freedom told by the psycho-spiritual teachings behind the Enneagram. Through a Christian story of a pilgrim’s journey into hell, through purgatory, and finally to heaven, Dante metaphorically sheds light on the path and the work we strive to understand and dedicate ourselves to when we study the Enneagram and try to enact its powerful teachings about human transformation in our lives.


Through lecture and short small group activities, this presentation aims to use the messages and lessons of Dante’s medieval masterpiece to highlight, confirm, and expand upon the timeless wisdom connected to the Enneagram about what it takes to traverse the road from unconscious habit to a more self-aware, enlightened state.


Registration to attend will be up and running in early March: