November 4 - November 5

The Way of the Arrows: Using the Enneagram Symbol as a Path for Growth

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

This 2-day course will highlight the use of the wings and arrow-line points for self-development. In it, we will explore how these elements have been viewed, how their meaning has been expressed by different teachers since the rediscovery of the Enneagram in the 1970s. We will discuss the essential movements the Enneagram maps from a rigid fixation in the perspective of a particular type through the evolutionary–and revolutionary change it provides a guide for and can catalyze.


Gurdjieff said the Enneagram is a symbol of perpetual motion and the Philosopher’s Stone of the alchemists. He said if you know how to read the Enneagram it makes books and libraries entirely unnecessary. In these two days we will explore the inner dynamism of the Enneagram and how understanding more about it and how we can deploy it in everyday life can awaken and animate us.


Through lecture, group discussion, small group work, and map work with volunteers, we will work with the arrow line movements and point to inhabit and reflect upon the meaning and impact of the conscious use of the arrow line motion to further our development and the manifestation of our highest potentials.


Times: 9:00am to 5:00pm both days

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