April 14, 2018 - April 15, 2018

The Way of the Arrows: Using the Enneagram Symbol for Transformation

Palo Alto, California, USA

Taught by Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes


To be understood, the Enneagram needs to be thought of as being in motion.

Gurdjieff, in Ouspensky: ”In Search of the Miraculous


According to one of the key sources of the wisdom behind the Enneagram symbol, G. I. Gurdjieff, the Enneagram is a symbol of perpetual motion–it should be seen as being in motion, providing a dynamic framework for human development.

The interior lines of the Enneagram diagram, in particular, comprise a key aspect of the inner dynamism of this powerful symbol. Working with these arrow-line movements in a conscious way provides a way of creating real transformation because the specific relationships between the core points and their “energizing points” (against the arrow) and their “resolution points” (moving with the arrow) help people to effectively initiate and sustain radical change.

But, how exactly can we usefully understand the real meaning of the internal lines and arrows? How can we best understand the relationship between the main type and its “wings”? And how exactly can all of these elements help us in our personal growth?

This two-day workshop will provide a deep experience one of the principal ways the Enneagram map can be used for transforming unconscious habits. Through providing a cognitive, emotional, and somatic understanding of the movement of the arrow lines for each of the nine types, participants will gain a three-centered sense of how to utilize these movements for personal transformation.

Through a somatic, body-based, energy-based approach, we will explore the ways the arrow-line-connected points represent powerful antidotes for the main points and how the way of growth through the arrow lines differs from the way of growth through the “wing points.”

You will learn:

  • How we can draw on the wisdom of the movements of our arrow-line-connected types to work with habitual patterns and achieve a higher state of awareness connected to the virtue of our types.
  • The latest theory about how the arrow lines create specific kinds of growth.
  • How to work with the arrow lines with clients and students (for therapists, coaches, and Enneagram teachers).
  • When to use the wings points vs. the arrow-line-connected points to inspire change.
  • How each of the arrow-line-connected types represent vital resources for creating balance and positive movement in inner work.

Note: This course is one of the pre-requisites for Uranio Paes’ popular “Way of the Enneagram Symbol,” in which he works with people individually (energetically and somatically) on the Enneagram mat to evoke deep healing and profound positive inner growth.


The venue:

The Cyprus Room in the Crowne Plaza Cabaña Hotel, Palo Alto, California

(There are many hotels located within walking distance of the venue–upon registration, you will receive a list of accommodation options in the area.)


The dates and times: 

We will meet from 9:00am to 6:00pm on Saturday and from 9:00am to 5:30pm on Sunday, April 14 and 15, 2018.


Price (includes a light breakfast, lunch, snacks, and study materials):

The Early Bird price has been extended to January 31!!

Early bird price (before January 31, 2018): $375

Regular price: (after January 31, 2018): $450


To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-way-of-the-arrows-using-the-enneagram-symbol-for-transformation-tickets-39907290781